Product Description

Fb supps Beast is engineered for the athletes to maximize their workout. It has all the nine essential amino acids that your body needs to fully recover and rejuvenate from your intense training sessions. Beast is rich in Branch Chain Amino Acids and L-Glutamine to further enhance your muscle growth and recovery. It has L-Leucine that stimulates muscle growth and strength. It also regulates blood sugar before and after training. It has L-valine that prevents muscle breakdown during exercise and supports muscle metabolism and growth. It has L-Isoleucine that helps with more energy production and elevate nitrogen growth in muscle cells. It has L-Glutamine that plays a vital role in muscle function during and after exercise. You get all these amazing muscle building benefits in a taste like never before, we can proudly quote that Fbsupps Beast is best tasting intra workout supplement that you will find in the market today.

Fbsupps Beast is engineered to Support:

  • Muscle Growth

  • Muscle Recovery

  • Prolonged Protein Synthesis

  • Improved Muscle Strength

Best Tasting BCAA, EAA and L-Glutamine Stack In the market!

We put every flavour of Beast through 100s of flavour tests. Seriously. And we don’t settle. If a flavour doesn’t measure up, we move on. We dedicate our self to make the industry’s best tasting products, and nothing less will do. Whether you’re starting your fitness journey or you’re striving to reach your next level, Beast will help you unlock your full potential.

Direction For Use

Mix 1 heaping scoop of Beast into 400 ml of cold water and consume before, during and post workout or as suggested by healthcare professional.

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Watermelon Strawberry

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